Welcome to Digitex

Decentralized casino and Layer 3 blockchain
Development status: The Digitex casino and Layer 3 blockchain are currently under active development and we expect to launch the first game on the testnet at the end of 2023.


Digitex is a non-custodial, provably fair casino with zero house edge, zero gas fees and guaranteed payouts, powered by its own Layer 3 Arbitrum Rollup blockchain. You never have to do KYC or even deposit funds into an account - all your bets are immutable blockchain transactions and its impossible for us to hold back or steal your funds.
There are zero fees on winnings when you bet with DGTX tokens. If you prefer to bet with ETH, USDC, USDT or ARB tokens there's only a small 3% fee on winnings which is used to pay our liquidity providers, affiliate marketers, game developers, chain validators and to buy back DGTX from the market, half of which is burned.
You can be the Player or you can be the House - earn a share of the fees on winnings by adding liquidity to our House Bankroll smart contract.
Our games will be controversial and a little outrageous and very entertaining to play.
Every bet placed will be an immutable transaction on the Digitex blockchain - a blazing fast Layer 3 sidechain with no gas costs for active gamblers and instant transaction finality. With dedicated blockspace for our gambling games, the Digitex blockchain settles directly onto the Layer 2 Arbitrum chain and inherits its security directly from Ethereum.