Dedicated blockspace

The Digitex blockchain gives our games dedicated blockspace without the risk of chain congestion and gas price spikes
Another significant risk of using a mainstream EVM blockchain like Polygon or Fantom for decentralized betting games (don't even think about trying to use Ethereum directly) is chain congestion and gas price spikes caused by ICOs, popular NFT mints or other outside influences. If everyone starts upping their gas price bids, you better do the same otherwise your transactions won't even be included in this block, or the next one or the next one. Chain congestion and gas price spikes can make an EVM chain un-useable for hours.
This problem doesn't exist on Digitex. With our own dedicated, high-throughput chain built specifically for Digitex gambling games, our players are guaranteed of blazing fast block times, bet confirmations and game results 24/7/365 regardless of outside influences.
Digitex validators cannot pick and choose which transactions to include in the next block or in what order to include them. The Sequencer receives and processes transactions in the order they are received and everyone pays exactly the same gas price. The Sequencer is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second with an average time to finality of less than 250ms.