On-chain betting platform

Bringing the centralized casino experience to decentralized betting

The decentralized betting experience of paying gas fees just to place your bet is a disaster. Digitex aims to combine the superior user experience of centralized casinos with the safety and security benefits of non-custodial betting.

Decentralized casinos have a UX problem. There are many benefits to every bet and game result being an on-chain transaction, but a good user experience is not one of them. The onboarding process requires an existing cryptocurrency wallet which is confusing to Web3 noobs, bet submission is a multi-click process of blockchain transaction confirmations, game results and bet confirmations take forever and worst of all, every bet costs money to place (gas costs).

When it costs between $0.35 - $0.75 (Just.bet, zkasino) in gas to place every bet it becomes literally impossible to win for the average bet size gambler, cancelling out any advantages to be gained from retaining custody of your funds. Unless you're a high roller (and few are) what's the point of a decentralized casino if the edge against you is impossible to beat?

In comparison, centralized casinos have a familiar signup process using email, one-click bet submission with instant bet confirmation, fast-paced games with instant game results and perhaps most importantly, they don't charge their customers money just to place their bets. They have mass appeal to every $1 bet size gambler who fancies a flutter. The only problem is that you have to trust them to hold your betting funds and you don't know if you can withdraw your money.

Digitex combines the safety and security of non-custodial, on-chain betting with the superior user experience of the centralized casino. At Digitex players enjoy:

  • Email only/no password signup through Magic.link which generates a crypto wallet in background

  • One click bet submission with instant bet confirmation and instant game results

  • Zero transaction fees on bet placement (gas-less transactions)

Email only signup and one click bet submission are achieved by using the popular Magic wallet. Although we do continue to offer Metamask wallet connection for crypto natives who prefer to connect their existing wallet and manually confirm every transaction.

Instant game results and bet confirmations are achieved by developing our own blockchain with near-instant transaction finality and 250ms block times. The Digitex blockchain is custom-built for gambling games and its blazing fast time-to-finality and ultra-low gas costs means we can develop fast-paced games with multi-faceted game mechanics and betting opportunities that are not viable on other decentralized casinos.

Transaction (gas) fees on the Digitex blockchain are ultra-low, with the average bet transaction costing between one fifth to one twentieth of a cent. This means we can use ERC-4337 Account Abstraction to subsidize players' gas costs from house profits and eliminate the need for them to pay to place bets.

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