Binary options

Provably fair and non-custodial binary options markets
Our first game will be Rogue Trader, a binary options game based on a volatile trading index that is powered by a provably fair RNG with 25 on-chain price updates per minute.
Binary options are a wildly popular betting format that gamblers around the world love to bet on. But the binary options industry has a bad reputation because many of the centralized platforms are crooks who manipulate settlement prices in their favor and don't pay out winners.
Digitex's on-chain, decentralized, non-custodial and provably fair binary options markets fix these problems and will allow gamblers around the world to bet with the confidence that they are not being cheated or robbed.
The best thing is that our binary options markets don't need expensive and ineffective regulation by government agencies to ensure fairness, the costs of which are passed onto consumers in the form of higher trading fees which make it impossible to win. Instead, our games are regulated in real-time by fully verifiable smart contract code and the incorruptible laws of mathematics.
For the first time this massively popular betting format will be fully transparent and fair, which can only lead to greater popularity of binary options. This is made possible by Digitex running on our own layer 3 blockchain that has near-instant time-to-finality and ultra-low transaction costs.

What Are Binary Options

A binary option is simply a bet that the price of an index or stock or currency will be higher or lower than now at a fixed time in the future. At the exercise time of the option the player is either right or wrong and either gets a payout or nothing at all.
On our Rogue Trader game players will bet on whether the price of the index will rise or fall in the next 5 seconds or 30 seconds or 5 minutes or whatever time period they choose. On winning bets the player receives a payout of double his stake and there is no house edge on our games.
When betting with DGTX tokens there are also zero fees on winnings, making Digitex binary options literally the fairest in the world with no edge of any kind working against you. When betting with other cryptocurrencies players pay 3% fees on their winnings (minus whatever rebate they get by owning a High Rollers Club NFT)
The settlement price of each bet is generated by our provably fair RNG and all bets are non-custodial, meaning that it's impossible for Digitex to influence the result in any way or to hold back or steal your winnings.