Dedicated layer 3 blockchain

Blazing fast blockchain custom-built for gambling games using Arbitrum technology
The Digitex blockchain is a layer 3 Arbitrum Rollup chain that gives the Digitex casino dedicated blockspace, instant time-to-finality and gas-less bet transactions.
Decentralized casinos have up until now had slow-paced games with limited betting opportunities. That's because every game result and bet is an on-chain transaction, which can be slow and relatively expensive. Players must wait multiple seconds for results and bet confirmations and the gas costs of each transaction are fixed, regardless of bet size.
For example, the transaction cost to place a bet on zkasino is up to $0.70, which makes it impossible to play unless you're a high roller. If you're betting $1 bets you can't pay a 70% tax on every bet placed - it's literally impossible to win.
Digitex Games has fixed this problem by developing our own blazing fast blockchain with ultra-low gas costs. Custom-built for fast-paced gambling games of chance, the Digitex blockchain gives players instant game results, instant bet confirmations and transactions that cost a fraction of a cent.
Gas fees being so low allows Digitex to subsidize them from fees on winnings and house gambling profits, meaning that players actually pay zero gas fees on all transactions sent to our betting game smart contracts.
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