Fees on winnings

Below is a summary of fees on Digitex:
  • Zero gas fees on all bet transactions
  • Zero fees on your winnings when betting with DGTX tokens
  • Zero house edge built into our game payout odds
  • 3% fees on your winnings when betting with ETH, USDC, USDT or ARB tokens
  • Reduced fees on winnings when you hold a High Rollers NFT in your betting wallet
This means that Digitex is the only casino in the world where it's possible for players to gamble with absolutely no edge of any kind working against them.
The 3% fee on ETH, USDC, USDT & ARB winnings is split and distributed trustlessly amongst the various participants who power the Digitex Protocol. This includes liquidity providers, game developers, affiliate marketers and validators. A portion of these fees are also used to systematically buy back DGTX tokens from the open market and burn them.
3% fees on winnings are split as follows:
Percentage of Winning Bet
Spent On
Paid to Liquidity Providers in the House Bankroll
Buys back DGTX and deposits them into House Bankroll
Buys back DGTX which are burned
Paid to the affiliate who brought in the player
Paid to the game developer
Paid to chain validators