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Laws & regulations

Digitex is a non-custodial platform regulated by publicly verifiable smart contract code
Digitex calls itself a casino for marketing purposes because a casino is a familiar concept that is easy for people to understand. But in reality Digitex is merely a front-end Graphical User Interface (GUI) that facilitates your interaction with a set of decentralized smart contracts on a public blockchain.
You can interact with those smart contracts with or without the Digitex website GUI. We never have custody of your funds, we cannot prevent you from playing based on your identity or location or performance, we cannot hold back your winnings if you win and we cannot influence the outcomes of any of the games.
Digitex is a non-custodial platform that never holds customer funds and therefore the existing laws and regulations that apply to custodial platforms who do hold customer funds do not apply. When you place bets you are betting against other individuals who have trustlessly added liquidity into our decentralized house bankroll smart contract.
Digitex is not regulated by ambiguous and outdated laws that are enforced for politically motivated reasons by a backward-looking administration to stamp out an emerging technology that threatens a flawed and corrupt financial system. Digitex is regulated by the verifiable and unambiguous laws of smart contract code and mathematics that are enforced consistently and predictably in real-time to ensure the complete safety of our users' funds and the integrity of our platform.
Digitex can legally operate without a gambling license. Digitex can legally operate without forcing our users through KYC procedures that put their personal information at risk. Digitex can legally operate without regulatory oversight from the CFTC. And our users are better off for it.