Play on Digitex with complete anonymity and safety
As a non-custodial betting platform that never has custody of your funds there are no KYC requirements to be a player or liquidity provider on Digitex. You can use our platform with full anonymity and without needing to register or give us your name or any other personal details.
This removes the risk of your personal details being stolen by hackers or otherwise mismanaged by a third party. You do not have to trust Digitex with anything.
Because we are a fully decentralized protocol there are also no geo-restrictions. Regardless of where you are based in the world you have the freedom to play or not play on Digitex whenever you want without anyone imposing on your privacy or rights.
For the same reason its also impossible for us to ban winners. When playing on Digitex you are interacting trustlessly with our fully verified smart contracts on a public blockchain and we cannot prevent anyone from sending transactions to a public blockchain for any reason.