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Our games are powered by true random numbers generated by changes in atmospheric noise caused by thunderstorms

Digitex games use non-deterministic true random numbers, generated and verified by by measuring changes in atmospheric noise caused by thunderstorms.

Gambling games of chance depend on the ability to generate truly random and unpredictable numbers and apply them to the game's possible outcomes. But they also depend on being able to prove to the gambler that the random number was indeed generated randomly in a way that's impossible for the house to influence or interfere with.

Digitex Games uses the service to generate random numbers that are derived from changes in atmospheric noise caused by thunderstorms. These are known as True random numbers that are completely non-deterministic and cannot be predicted or reproduced, as opposed to Pseudo random numbers that are generated by computer algorithms which are deterministic and can be reproduced given the same initial inputs.

Using changes in atmospheric noise to generate random numbers satisfies the first condition of true randomness. The second condition of being able to prove that it was indeed generated randomly is achieved through's mechanism built specifically for gambling game operators which is described below. generates each random number for Digitex on request and makes them available to us through their API along with the following data:

  • timestamp of the request

  • hash of the API key that made the request

  • digitally signed signature by

  • sequential serial number

The timestamp shows when the request was made, the hashed API key proves that Digitex made the request, the signed signature proves that the result came from and the sequential serial number proves that we didn't keep re-rolling the dice and requesting new random numbers until we got one that suited us.

Upon receipt of each random number result from we immediately initiate a blockchain transaction to post the result on-chain where it can never be altered or deleted. Players can read this immutable data from the blockchain to determine that the result is genuine and was generated without any possible interference by Digitex. For example, the serial number must be sequential from the last one.

Every game's UI on Digitex has a section where the player can easily verify every result without needing any technical knowledge, see image below:

Players can click on the Verify Result link in the Proof column of each game's UI (see image above) to verify each random number's integrity on the website (see image below):

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