Unique games

Our first game will be Rogue Trader, a volatile trading index that is powered by a provably fair RNG with 25 on-chain price updates per minute. You can buy and sell the index directly or you can trade binary options on the index.
Digitex games are games of chance. But instead of the usual boring dice games and wheel spins and endless slots that you find elsewhere, our games will be slightly more controversial and a lot more entertaining. They will provide multiple betting opportunities as the game progresses and the odds are changing in real time.
For example, on our Russian Roulette game you'll be betting on each trigger pull as to who gets their brains blown out and when. Such a game provides multiple betting opportunities with payout odds varying from 1 to 6 all the way through to 6 to 1, and many different possible side bets too.
On our Runaway Wheelchair game you will have multiple betting opportunities at various different payout odds to bet on whether our unfortunate hero will make it past the different life threatening obstacles he encounters on his unexpected and high speed downhill journey.
Other games such as Stripper Dance-Off, Shoot The Apple Off The Regulator's Head, Dwarf Toss, Mousetrap, Chicken, Sniper and many others will have outrageous, sometimes violent, but always entertaining outcomes on which you can place all kinds of bets at all kinds of desired payout odds.
On other decentralized casinos gas fees on bet transactions are a significant cost that limit the player's ability to place multiple bets within the same game. This is why they have the same, two dimensional games and no players.
But on Digitex, players pay zero gas fees on bet transactions meaning they can place multiple bets of any size at various different points of the game as the odds change in real time. This creates a much richer and more engaging betting experience and opens up decentralized betting to a huge new audience of smaller stakes players.