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Digitex VIP NFTs

Earn a share of revenues, pay reduced fees on your winnings and get VIP access to the coolest parties in crypto
Become a Digitex VIP by holding a High Rollers Club NFT and earn a share of the platform's daily revenues when mainnet is launched. You can also reduce the fees on your winnings down to zero.
The Digitex High Rollers Club (DHRC) is an NFT membership that gives NFT holders special privileges in the Digitex casino. You will earn a share of house revenues derived from every winning bet and you will also get fee rebates on your winnings when betting with ETH, USDC, USDT or ARB tokens.
Owning a High Rollers NFT gives you:
  • Revenue share of house earnings
  • Reduced fees on winnings
  • VIP access to the hottest parties in crypto
There's a maximum total supply of only 200 High Rollers NFTs, meaning that they will get ever more valuable as the platform gains traction and users. Your share of house revenues will not be diluted by the minting of more NFTs because only 200 NFTs can ever exist. And the fee rebates that range from 30% to 100%, depending on which type of NFT you're lucky enough to mint, will also become ever more valuable as the platform attracts more high rolling gamblers.
Owning a High Rollers Club NFT will also give you VIP access to every pop up party and event hosted by Digitex around the world after mainnet is launched. Members will also receive regular prizes and rewards.