Fee rebates

Reduce your fees on winnings down to zero by holding High Roller NFTs in your betting wallet

Fee rebates range between 30% to 100% and are determined at random when you mint your High Roller NFT.

When betting on Digitex with mainstream cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDC, USDT & ARB you pay 3% of every winning bet in fees to the platform. But you can reduce these fees all the way down to zero by holding one or more High Roller NFTs in your betting wallet.

To get the fee rebate you simply have to hold your NFT in your betting wallet whilst placing bets on Digitex. The fee rebate of your NFT will be automatically applied to all your winning payouts. If you hold multiple High Rollers NFTs in your betting wallet then their combined fee rebates will be applied to your winning payouts, up to a maximum of 100% fee rebate.

For example, if you own one Scarlet Ember NFT (40% fee rebate) you will get instant 40% rebates on your fees on winnings. If you also own a Luna Mirage NFT (60% fee rebate) then your 2 NFTs are chained together and you will get 100% rebates on your winnings.

This makes it possible to convert Digitex into your own personal gambling nirvana where you pay zero fees on your winnings whilst retaining custody of your funds at all times and paying zero gas fees and zero house edge on provably fair games of chance. That's a powerful combination in the right hands and will become extremely attractive to high rolling gamblers over time. Even if you have no plans to become a big gambler on Digitex, your NFT's value will rise as more and more gamblers discover Digitex and the possibility of playing for free.

And that's not counting the thousands of dollars that you're making from the revenue share and your VIP access to the hottest parties in crypto.

There are 8 different types of NFT, each represented by one of our beautiful Digitex hostesses. When you mint your NFT we generate a random number using Chainlink VRF and this random number determines which hostess you get, and therefore what Multiplier and fee rebate you get.

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