Get ETH on Arbitrum

You need Arbitrum ETH to mint your NFT

Digitex High Rollers Club NFTs are issued on the Arbitrum network and are priced in ETH, meaning that you need to have ETH on the Arbitrum network in order to mint your NFT. Fortunately, getting ETH on Arbitrum is very easy to do. Your two options are:

Use the official Arbitrum Bridge to bridge ETH from the Ethereum chain to the Arbitrum chain.

Use this option if you already have ETH on the Ethereum network in your wallet. Go to, connect your wallet and enter the amount of ETH you want to bridge over to the Arbitrum network.

The bridge transaction will take about 10 minutes to complete and depending on Ethereum gas prices at the time will cost a few dollars in gas fees.

Buy ETH on any major CEX and then withdraw it over the Arbitrum network instead of the Ethereum network.

If you don't already have ETH then go to any major cryptocurrency exchange and buy some ETH. On the withdrawal page of your account, enter your Metamask wallet address and then simply select to withdraw the ETH over the Arbitrum network instead of the Ethereum network.

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