Pricing & availability

Only 200 NFTs will ever be minted and the price rises by 0.01 ETH each day

Only 1 High Roller NFT is released each day, with a maximum total supply of only 200 NFTs after 200 days. Mint price rises by 0.01 ETH per day.

There's a maximum total supply of 200 High Rollers NFTs but they are not all available to buy now. Only 1 NFT is released and made available to mint each day, meaning that it will take 200 days for the entire collection of High Roller NFTs to be minted. This is timed to coincide with the expected mainnet launch of Digitex in about 200 days time which is when the utility of the NFTs will start.

To remind you, the utility of a High Rollers NFT is revenue share, reduced fees on winnings and VIP access to the hottest parties in crypto.

On day 1 when minting starts the price to mint a High Rollers NFT is 0.15 ETH on the Arbitrum network. Then each day the mint price rises by 0.01 ETH, meaning that on day 200 the price to mint will be 2.15 ETH.

If the daily quota of 1 NFT is minted then prospective buyers will have to wait until 3pm UTC the next day before they can mint the next one. But if an NFT is made available to mint but it is not minted then it will remain available to buy and the next day another NFT will be made available and the price of all available NFTs will increase by 0.01 ETH each day.

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