Bridging DGTX tokens

Easily move DGTX tokens between chains with our decentralized and non-custodial token bridge

The Digitex (DGTX) token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Layer 1 blockchain. Therefore, it is necessary to bridge it over to the Arbitrum Layer 2 blockchain and then to the Digitex Layer 3 blockchain in order to use it to gamble with on the Digitex casino.

Fortunately, bridging tokens between Ethereum, Arbitrum and Digitex is quick and easy. Bridging between Arbitrum and Digitex is especially quick and easy - transfers are instant and cost just a few cents. Transfers from Digitex to Arbitrum are also instant and cost even less, just a fraction of a cent. Transfers from Ethereum to Arbitrum take about 10 minutes and cost a few dollars, depending on Ethereum gas prices at the time of the transfer.

All bridging between Ethereum, Arbitrum and Digitex can be done from within your Digitex casino wallet in a decentralized and non-custodial manner.

When bridging DGTX tokens from one chain to another you are basically locking up the original DGTX tokens into a smart contract and then minting more new DGTX tokens on the new chain. The newly minted DGTX are backed up 1:1 by the original DGTX tokens that are locked up. You can only release your original DGTX tokens by burning the newly minted DGTX tokens, thereby ensuring the circulating supply of DGTX always remains the same even across different chains.

For more information about how the token bridge works visit the link below:

pageBridge tokens between Ethereum, Arbitrum & Digitex

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