DGTX information

DGTX token information and stats
The DGTX minting keys and admin keys were recently burned meaning that its impossible to mint any more DGTX ever again for any reason.
DGTX Token Standard
DGTX Token on Ethereum
DGTX Token on Arbitrum
DGTX Token on Digitex
Digitex blockchain mainnet not launched yet
Total Max Supply
9,200,000,000 DGTX
Circulating Supply
9,200,000,000 DGTX
Note that the entire maximum supply of 9.2 billion DGTX tokens are in circulation. The Digitex founder/team have no control over the DGTX token smart contract, cannot mint any DGTX tokens, do not hold a treasury of DGTX tokens and therefore don't have any tokens to dump now or in the future.
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