Zero-fee betting with DGTX

The primary utility of the Digitex (DGTX) token is zero-fee betting. This means that you pay zero fees on any of your winnings when betting with DGTX tokens. Combined with zero gas fees and zero house edge on our provably fair games of chance this is a powerful position for a disciplined gambler to be in, and Digitex is the only casino in the world where this is possible.
The ability to place bets on our games is dependent on how much liquidity is in our house bankroll smart contract. All liquidity in the house bankroll is provided by third parties who earn a share of the fees on winning and gambling profits made by the house.
But DGTX denominated betting has no fees on winnings so why will liquidity providers risk their DGTX tokens to act as the counterparty against players when there is no edge working in their favor?
The theory is that even with no house edge or fees on winnings, the house will still beat the players because the house has unwavering discipline and is always highly capitalized. In comparison, many players will bet erratically and will be undercapitalized to survive the unexpected but inevitable losing runs.
Indeed, many players will get ahead of the house and stay there for a long time, but as an overall group the players will ultimately always lose to the house over time simply because the house is better capitalized and doesn't get wiped out by losing runs. This is because the maximum bet size on any game is 0.1% of whatever the house bankroll balance is for that token.
So if the house is losing the maximum bet size will constantly decrease, ensuring that the house never has to stop. In comparison, most players will be gambling at a much lower rate of capitalization than 0.1% of their bank and will likely be wiped out by a losing run of 10 or 15 losing bets.
Therefore, despite their being no fees on winnings on DGTX denominated betting there will always be good liquidity in the DGTX house bankroll. And just because the players as an overall group will lose to the house it doesn't mean that you have to lose. With zero edge working against you and a disciplined, highly capitalized betting strategy, betting with DGTX tokens on Digitex will give you your absolute best chance of winning.