Zero-fee betting with DGTX

Bet with DGTX tokens and you pay zero fees on your winnings

The primary utility of the Digitex (DGTX) token is zero-fee betting. This means that you pay zero fees on any of your winnings when betting with DGTX tokens. Combined with zero gas fees and zero house edge on our provably fair games of chance this is a powerful position for a disciplined gambler to be in, and Digitex is the only casino in the world where this is possible.

Betting with DGTX tokens therefore gives you the best possible chance of winning anywhere in the world on any platform. Without that small edge constantly eating away at your winnings your chances of being a winner are exponentially increased. Few other cryptocurrencies have such a tangible and valuable utility.

As a regular gambler, owning and using DGTX tokens will be the one change you can make that will have the most direct and significant effect on your performance.

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