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High Rollers Club

Earn a share of every winning payout, paid out trustlessly in real time
The Digitex High Rollers Club is an NFT membership that grants its NFT holders special privileges within Digitex. As well as giving you substantial rebates on your own fees on winnings, it also rewards you with a share of everybody else's fees on winnings.
Of the 3% fee that Digitex takes from every ETH, USDC, USDT and ARB denominated winning payout, the High Rollers Club receives 0.25%. This is is split proportionately with all NFT holders according to the rarity level of their NFTs.
There is a maximum total supply of only 200 High Rollers Club NFTs, meaning that your share of the fees on winnings will become substantial over time and won't get further diluted. Not only will your earnings increase as the casino gets busier but the resale value of your NFT will also increase as the Digitex ecosystem grows in size and value.