Stake DGTX as chain validator

Secure the Digitex blockchain by staking DGTX as a validator
0.25% of all non-DGTX denominated winnings will go towards the chain validator program to secure the Digitex blockchain.
Anyone will be able to permissionlessly run a Digitex blockchain node and act as a validator.
Validators will post DGTX stakes and create a challenge if their local state disagrees with on-chain assertions made by other node operators. This will trigger Arbitrum's dispute resolution process and whoever is correct will retain their stake and win the stake of the validator who made the incorrect assertion.
In this manner, the integrity of the Digitex blockchain is fully guaranteed if only one honest validator exists. This is because the state of the chain is fully deterministic and can be accurately calculated at any time from given inputs, meaning that the honest validator will always win any challenge.
Therefore, any attempts by dishonest validators to corrupt the state of the chain will be earning opportunities for honest validators.